Barack's People

Barack Obama has assembled a frightening assortment of appointments, friends, and associates.  The following few are merely the tip of the sword Barack Obama wields in his plan to transform America in his own image. Reverend Jeremiah Wright The racialist black supremacist of "god damn America" fame presided over the Obama's marriage as well as baptizing Sasha and Malia.  Barack and Michelle perched in a pew, listening while the Right Reverend Wright preached racialism and hatred from the pulpit, for 20 years.  He may not deserve the "Right" or the "Reverend," being decidedly unrighteous and un-entitled to reverence.  Yet the president heard nothing from his "spiritual mentor," the man who actually coined the phrase "audacity of hope," the title of the president's hugely successful second autobiography.  When you are a truly great man, one just won't do.  Rick Perry once hunted at a club where, 25 years ago, a racial epithet was scrawled on a rock by the...(Read Full Article)