Barack's People

Barack Obama has assembled a frightening assortment of appointments, friends, and associates.  The following few are merely the tip of the sword Barack Obama wields in his plan to transform America in his own image.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright

The racialist black supremacist of "god damn America" fame presided over the Obama's marriage as well as baptizing Sasha and Malia.  Barack and Michelle perched in a pew, listening while the Right Reverend Wright preached racialism and hatred from the pulpit, for 20 years.  He may not deserve the "Right" or the "Reverend," being decidedly unrighteous and un-entitled to reverence.  Yet the president heard nothing from his "spiritual mentor," the man who actually coined the phrase "audacity of hope," the title of the president's hugely successful second autobiography.  When you are a truly great man, one just won't do. 

Rick Perry once hunted at a club where, 25 years ago, a racial epithet was scrawled on a rock by the front gate; he was labeled a racist.  Yet Obama listened for decades while a man preached vile racial hatred from the pulpit, and like Sgt. Shultz from Hogan's Heroes, he knew nothing and saw nothing

Terrorist Bill Ayers

A founding member of the Weather Underground and unrepentant terrorist, he and his wife planted explosives in federal buildings in 1970s.  He hosted one of the first fundraisers for our transformational messiah.  He was just a guy in the neighborhood, the president has claimed.  A neighborhood in which a convicted felon, Antoin Rezko, helped our future president buy the mansion he could not afford for less than it was worth.

Yet Ayers' style of writing bears remarkable similarities to the president's first autobiography Dreams from My Father, but not to anything else the president has ever penned before or after, thin though the selection may be, limited by a decided lack of production from the smartest man to ever hold the office. 

The Fluke and the Flounder

Barack Obama can call Tea Party members "tea-baggers" with impunity, but when a conservative calls a 30-year-old fluke, introduced as a "young coed" and law student, claiming to spend a $1,000 a year on birth control, a "slut," it is unacceptably uncivil.  Is it any wonder the nation has so many lawyers?  Law school sounds like a lot of fun.

Floundering around for a policy, Obama telephoned the fluke for the good of his daughters.  Even a "slut" like Laura Ingraham or that "bag of meat" Michelle Malkin would have no problem with his support of his floundering daughters. 

He had to hurry because Malia had to get down to spring break in war-torn Mexico with her entourage of special friends and 25 specially selected Secret Service agents.  At thirteen years old, she should be free to attend a bacchanalian event for college students in pursuit of drugs and sex.  I would provide a link, but the articles about the trip keep disappearing from the internet...what a transparent surprise.

Attorney General Eric Holder, Esq.

Is there a better personification of Barack Obama and his disastrous, demagogic administration than Attorney General "my people" Eric Holder and his Department of Justice?  He is the only leader today more odious than Barack Obama, if only because he is unabashedly racist, whereas Obama pretends not to be. 

Holder believes that his people deserve preference in all things, and that the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans, due to the Fast and Furious program, designed by minions, are unimportant.  The death of one Democrat is a tragedy -- hundreds of dead Mexicans are a statistic.  They're not his people, or our people, or anything of importance for that matter.  Their children, wives, lives, and forestalled futures are unimportant.  After all, they can't vote for Barack until they get over the border and into the polling place, where they will be readily accepted without ID.

Their expiration doesn't count, but their votes do.  Holder battles selflessly against opposition to the illegal immigrant vote.  Standing at the polls in SEAL Team 6 imitation gear, talking about killing white babies, and other various insanities get a pass from Eric, but asking for ID does not. 

This is a man who believes that the only people capable of bigotry are white people.  Therefore, he displays unabashed racism in every instance.  Some people are just more equal than other people.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu

"Our Nobel Prize-winning Energy Secretary Steven Chu" is how Obama always introduces his "I don't own a car" disciple.  By taking the extra second to point out the greatness of another Nobel laureate, the president compliments himself with every introduction. 

Chu gives himself an A- on spending green energy funds wisely -- despite all the bankruptcies -- and a higher grade on controlling gasoline prices, despite the almost $5-a-gallon price.  Talk about grading on a curve. 

Chew on this: the noble Mr. Chu dreams of an America where the price of gasoline is as high as it is in Europe -- $10 gasoline, no problem; $20 even better.  How many tens of billions of dollars has Chu flushed down the green energy toilet since his appointment?  Well, it was a low-flow toilet, and he had to work really hard to get all that money to go down the drain.  Maybe he deserves that A-.

Mentor Derrick Bell

Derrick Bell, a racial radical, whom Investor's Business Daily called the Jeremiah Wright of Harvard, has called Louis Farrakhan a "hero."  He was also Barack Obama's favorite professor -- introduced by our post-racial president as a man Americans needed to open their "hearts and minds to."  He was deeply involved in Critical Race Theory and the supposition that all minority ills are due to white supremacy and that the only solution is the destruction of the foundations of the nation. 

He was also an anti-Semite, railing against "Jewish neoconservative racists" forever "undermining blacks in every way they can." 

Rashid Khalidi

Because no rogue's gallery would be complete without a sharia-espousing Islamist.  Barack Obama, ever vigilant against prejudice toward religious minorities, has no problem with sharia calling for the stoning death of women who were raped or who committed adultery, while labeling a request for religious recusal from paying for another's contraception and abortions as a war on women.

Safe School Assistant Deputy Czar Kevin Jennings

Mr. Jennings, entrusted by our president to ensure a safe school environment, has admitted to failing to report the statutory rape of a 15-year-old boy, who had sex with an older male.  He has also praised a notorious backer of NAMBLA, an acronym which stands for North American Man-Boy Love Association.  No explanation needed -- the organization stands for exactly what its name says it does.  Advocating pedophilia apparently does not disqualify you from serving in the Obama administration.

Some bitter clingers might think that Jennings' history would preclude a high-level Obama administration appointment, but even though it would keep him from working at McDonald's -- many customers and employees are children -- it doesn't prevent him from being appointed by Barack to ensure the safety of children in schools. 

Van Jones, the resigned green jobs czar, wants more violence from the OWS crowd and believes that Bush was the brains behind 9/11.

Queen Kathleen Sebelius has proven herself to be a sebaceous cyst on American health care and business, dictating life and death to mere mortals -- if only we could have all been aborted before she had to deal with our dissent.

Lisa Jackson, destroying our future, one industry at a time...see my next article.

The list goes on and on.

One thing about Barack: he is consistent.  Almost all the appointees are outliers, unqualified in their own peculiar way, and almost to a person enemies of American prosperity and exceptionalism. 

After all, America, as a nation, is saved or created only at the discretion of Barack Obama, the one we've been waiting for...just look at his people.