Apple, Get Your Carbon Footprint Off My Neck

I love Apple.  I have several Apple computers, an iPad and an iPhone.  I'm a long time stockholder and I've always made money investing in Apple.  Steve Jobs was obviously a terrific visionary but he spent 9 months after being diagnosed with cancer treating it with a special diet, a very sad lapse of judgment.  The presence of the global warming propagandist on his board of directors, Al Gore, must be counted as another lapse of judgment.  Ron Johnson, now the CEO of JC Penny, is the genius that built Apple's phenomenal retail chain.  Away from the gang at Apple, what does Johnson do?  He makes the lesbian celebrity, Ellen DeGeneres, JC Penny's spokeswoman.  A noted lesbian as the spokesperson for a lower middle class department store? What is going on here?  Surely there is plenty of arrogance at Apple.  This is very worrying to some of us stockholders.  Arrogance leads to mistakes.  A big failure would damage the Apple...(Read Full Article)