Andrew Breitbart and Liberal America

The journalistic community was in shock on Thursday morning with the news of the sudden passing of Andrew Breitbart.  Conservative writers eulogized the brilliant icon who helped build DrudgeReport with Matt Drudge, worked with Arianna Huffington to start the Huffington Post, and founded, including Big Government, Big Journalism, and Big Hollywood. However, while conservatives were mourning the loss of someone who had undoubtedly dedicated his life to contributing to the betterment of society -- and our country in particular -- liberals spent Thursday morning climbing all over each other to reach new depths of revulsion through tweets and blogs of celebration.  The complete lack of humility, respect for Breitbart's family at a time of tremendous loss, and simple sense of decency displayed by the left once again confirms that all too many liberals are a lost cause of morally bankrupt losers. Of no particular connection, Breitbart's passing was somewhat...(Read Full Article)