Andrew Breitbart and Liberal America

The journalistic community was in shock on Thursday morning with the news of the sudden passing of Andrew Breitbart.  Conservative writers eulogized the brilliant icon who helped build DrudgeReport with Matt Drudge, worked with Arianna Huffington to start the Huffington Post, and founded, including Big Government, Big Journalism, and Big Hollywood.

However, while conservatives were mourning the loss of someone who had undoubtedly dedicated his life to contributing to the betterment of society -- and our country in particular -- liberals spent Thursday morning climbing all over each other to reach new depths of revulsion through tweets and blogs of celebration.  The complete lack of humility, respect for Breitbart's family at a time of tremendous loss, and simple sense of decency displayed by the left once again confirms that all too many liberals are a lost cause of morally bankrupt losers.

Of no particular connection, Breitbart's passing was somewhat contemporaneous with that of Davy Jones, also somewhat of an icon to a segment of society.  Jones was the lead singer for the 1960s band The Monkees, and his death reminded me of the hippie era.  In an age of social freedom and discovery, many of the same kids who swooned over the music of The Monkees also took part in public protests, touted liberal causes, and were anti-government, believing that government and politicians were evil.  But sadly, while the hippie movement has evolved into the Occupy Wall Street ridiculousness, the remnants of the anti-government chants have been replaced with something quite destructive and unproductive.

Andrew Breitbart was just shy of being old enough to live through the Woodstock era, but he apparently was not too young to learn that big government is a bad thing.  But he further recognized that the modern-day hippie generation is quite an anomaly compared to its predecessor.  This 43-year-old resident of one of the most liberal bastions of the country took on the 99% and helped expose "the fecal angle, the public masturbation angle, the rape [and] the grope angle...covering all of the circus."  Breitbart stated:

And so the mainstream media standard of holding the Tea Party under a magnifying glass I am holding to the Occupy Wall Street and what we're finding is behavior that goes far beyond anything that anybody could have imagined. This is Woodstock on violent and crazy steroids.

Brietbart's passing has caused me to once again wonder how in the world it is that this country continues to produce liberal individuals who exhibit no moral grounding and who believe that the government, public-sector unions, and entitlement programs should grow exponentially while American citizens should quietly watch from the sidelines, waiting for the next dictate telling them how much money they can make, what food they can ingest, and what cars they can drive.  However, perhaps the question should not be "how are liberals created?" since we know that academia has been hijacked by liberals.  Perhaps the question to ponder is, how it is that some people escape what seems to be the almost inevitable indoctrination that occurs through the teenage years of idealism, hope, and invincibility into adulthood?

There is a famous saying often attributed to Winston Churchill that "if you are young and not liberal, then you have no heart; but if you are old and not conservative, you have no brain."  Over the years, I have come to believe simply that if you are liberal, you have no brain -- or at least not a brain that you use.  And while I understand on a basic level that that is not entirely accurate, since many on the left have been educated at the world's top learning institutions, it seems to me that intellect goes well beyond the intake of knowledge.  It means thinking.

At a Republican Jewish Coalition event in Los Angeles last year, Breitbart recognized this point, stating (the entire video is a must-see):

I thank my father for having the common sense that I use today instead of the stupid degree I got from Tulane which is basically moral relativism and that somehow the Jews are the oppressor in the Arab Israeli crisis. I was like this doesn't make sense to me, I don't get it. This Edward Said doesn't make sense to me. This Rashid Khalidi (I'd like to see that video tape) doesn't make sense to me. I just don't understand how an inherently decent and free people could be the bad guy...And I'm glad I've become a journalist because I'd like to fight on behalf of the Israeli people.

Breitbart began his speech recognizing that the "American political agenda is held hostage by a schmuck."  Yet it is also being held hostage by the mainstream media, academia, and the Democratic Party.  We must be grateful for individuals like Andrew Breitbart who do not allow themselves to be held hostage, who have the intellectual curiosity and depth of thought to question and to think beyond the indoctrination.  On the one hand, we have those in America who believe that we can "coexist" and need to simply "give peace a chance," that fanatical Islam does not exist, and that, as Obama stated, Iran is just a "tiny" country that does not "pose a serious threat to us the way the Soviet Union posed a threat to us."  Those people are simply not thinkers.  Many present-day conservatives moved from being liberals to staunch conservatives when faced with the facts of life.  From David Horowitz to David Mamet, individuals who were able to break free from the liberal brainwashing of their youth moved right as they learned how the world really works -- not just in the classrooms of Ivy League colleges or in the bellies of liberal strongholds like the two left coasts.

So when I debate someone who sees nothing wrong with the direction in which Obama has taken the country, who ignores the lessons of the meltdown of the European economies, who buys into the Obama rhetoric hook, line, and sinker with nary a notion that perhaps he is not the honest politician that he promised to be, I move on, understanding that this particular individual is a hopeless case.  And one need only turn on MSNBC or read the latest Thomas Friedman garbage to realize just how many hopeless cases there must be out there.  How many of these individuals used to listen to Davy Jones and never grew into listening to Andrew Breitbart?  We will find out in November.  But while the GOP candidates bicker among themselves, Obama continues on his path of divide and conquer, and the country's liberals celebrate the death of a patriot.

The loss of Andrew Breitbart is not just a loss for the conservative movement.  It is a loss for the entire journalistic community.  There is no other journalist who has stepped into the shoes of Woodward and Bernstein to get to the bottom of an issue and report the truth.  And for those of us who felt excited to read or hear about Breitbart's latest injection of honesty into an otherwise dishonest profession, this is a massive loss.  American thinkers now have one fewer source of investigative journalism, honest reporting, and conservative thought.  And while liberal non-thinkers may be tweeting away with joy, they are too ignorant to realize that the country as a whole -- their country -- has suffered a great loss.

Breitbart concluded his speech to the RJC as follows:

I have the heart and soul, the salt of the earth [working for me]...whose passion is to do what's right to save this country, to save freedom, to save liberty. ... At the end of the day, the reason why we're in this peril is because we allowed for the American narrative, the Israeli narrative, to be hijacked by the media and this is the end of their time right now and we are the solution to that problem.

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