Al Majalla: The leading Arab magazine?

Of all the trials and tribulations that are currently being witnessed in the tumultuous Arab world as it supposedly passes through the birth pangs of a democratic revolution, one resonating theme that appears to pop up time and again is the rise of the so-called new Arab media. The credibility associated with some of the most prominent of these outlets, in particular the print media, will speak volumes about an era which is supposed to be free from decades of state-controlled censorship, misreporting, and truth-suppression.  It's in this climate that the Al Majalla, a Saudi-directed magazine which habitually flaunts itself as being "the leading voice of Arab political affairs," comes into the fray.  The magazine, established in 1980, seems to have a penchant for publishing the preponderance of its political analysis on selected epicenters of the Arab Spring, like North Africa and Levant -- as opposed to simultaneous revolts happening elsewhere in the Arab world -- invariably...(Read Full Article)