A Separate Set of Principles for Jordan

Why does the Obama Administration treat one Middle Eastern despot differently? One of the primary tenets of the Jewish dietary laws known as kashrut ("keeping kosher" to my beloved gentile readers) is the prohibition against the mixing of meat and dairy.  The lengths to which individual Jews go in the observance of these laws varies.  At one end, you have... well... me.  And waaaaaaay over on the other, are the very observant Jews, who observe the traditional Jewish stricture against the simultaneous consumption so scrupulously as actually to keep two sets of dishes, one for meat and one for dairy. But I wonder how many gentiles - or for that matter, Jews - know that the U.S. government keeps kosher, too.  And, like observant Jews, our government keeps two sets, too, only not of dishes.  What America keeps is two sets of principles:  one set of principles for the world at large and a separate, completely opposite set of principles for the Middle East. For...(Read Full Article)