Won't You Come Home Bill Daley?

The past week saw a tardy footnote explaining in part how the Administration was able to cram  ObamaCare down the throats of  Americans who overwhelmingly opposed (and still oppose) it.   After the government spent $ 1.8 million dollars to defend  the Justice Department lawyers who prosecuted  the late Senator Ted Stevens, Judge Sullivan announced he was going to make public the 500 page report of the independent investigation of this team. In doing so he observed what I said long ago:  "The government's ill-gotten verdict in the case not only cost that public official his bid for re-election, the results of that election tipped the balance of power in the United States Senate," Sullivan wrote. "That the government later moved to dismiss the indictment with prejudice and vacate the verdict months after the trial does not eradicate the misconduct, nor should it serve to shroud that misconduct in secrecy."  The Attorney General has taken no...(Read Full Article)