Will Voters Bite?

If the wisdom contained in the old adage "a dog won't bite the hand that feeds it" is true, does it also follow that a voter, dependent on the government, will not vote against an incumbent big-government president? The Heritage Foundation's recently released "2012 Index of Dependence on Government" reveals that one in five Americans receives some type of government assistance, a record-breaking 67.3 million people.  And none of the figures include those who indirectly benefit from government programs (such as tax breaks, contracts, grants, guarantees, subsidies, favored industry incentives, etc.). In addition, 49.5% of the population (151.7 million) paid no income tax in 2009, and according to Heritage, "most of that same population receives generous federal benefits." According to 2010 census reports, the federal government employed over 3 million people, and state and local governments employed an additional 20 million. Also consider the 14.8 million union members who...(Read Full Article)