Why There is 'Too Much' Money in Elections

As the upcoming elections draw closer, let me make three predictions that I personally guarantee.  First, they will set a record as being the most expensive ever, even accounting for inflation.  Second, all the usual do-gooders and reformers will complain that this money undermines "democracy" and something must be done.  Third, all efforts to curtail lavish spending (e.g., limits on individual contributions, public funding of presidential elections, transparency of donations, etc.) will fail, just as before. This hand-wringing about evil money sidesteps the reasons for the increase.  Contrary to what reformers insist, soaring spending is not about an epidemic of donor greed to subvert some "public good."  The sharp increase is about expanding government power -- big, fat government itself, not nefarious contributors, is the culprit.  In a nutshell, heightened generosity reflects Washington's growing intrusion into every corner of our lives....(Read Full Article)