When Conservatives Wax Liberal: Is Sex a Qualification?

Is it a conservative position that only women are qualified to comment on abortion?  A writer named Leann Horrocks certainly seems to think so. In a piece titled, "Contraception, the New Useful Passion," Horrocks does make some good points about how the left could turn the birth-control issue to its advantage and expand contraception to include even abortion.  Yet she also makes this claim: "As a woman, I am qualified to state the following very clearly: there is no issue less suited to public discussion than abortion.  Like it or not, it is a personal decision." Actually, the above proves that, her chromosome configuration notwithstanding, Ms. Horrocks is thoroughly unqualified to comment on abortion.  And, as someone who has pondered the matter deeply and sought Truth, I am qualified to state the following very clearly: like it or not, abortion is a decision to murder another person.  Like it or not, it is for this reason a grave evil, a serious moral...(Read Full Article)