What Needs to Come Out of the Obama-Netanyahu Meeting

Sometime last year, Benjamin Netanyahu asked a high-ranking person at the White House if Barack Obama had decided whether he would use force to stop Iran's nuclear weapons program.  The person responded by asking, "Have you?" The response reflected the White House official's view that a leader does not decide to use force until absolutely required, and decides based on the circumstances at that time -- so that Netanyahu's question was premature.  But perhaps Netanyahu was asking a different question: "I have an existential decision to make, and my decision may depend on whether Obama will commit not only to keeping all options on the table, but also to using the ultimate one if necessary -- can you assure me he will?" If that was what Netanyahu was asking, the response cannot have been satisfactory, since Netanyahu does not have the luxury of putting off his decision indefinitely, or waiting to find out whether Obama's public words turn out to be merely rhetoric.  In...(Read Full Article)