We Must Remember, Too

License plates in Quebec have a slogan "Je souviens," French for "I remember." What do Quebecois remember?  Their French heritage, surrounded by Anglophone North America. Rooted in language, religion, and their provincial legal system, Quebec resisted the dominant English-Protestant Canadian culture to the point of coming very close to breaking away as a separate nation in 1995. Within the United States is a growing movement of people who -- while we haven't articulated a slogan like the Quebecois -- also remember. Je souviens. I  remember a can-do nation that routinely accomplished the impossible: a nation that defeated dictators then rebuilt the conquered countries into economic powerhouses, a nation that introduced -- and exported -- the highest standard of living the world has ever known, a nation that righted its injustices, sent men to the moon, completed through its interstate highway system the largest public works project ever, developed an incredible freight...(Read Full Article)