Voter Integrity Laws Gathering Momentum across the U.S.

A basic and elementary right of every American is to be able to vote without being intimidated and to make sure that he or she is not disenfranchised.  The Department of Justice has exclusively chosen laws it wants to uphold, yet it looks the other way on laws that need to be enforced.  Because Eric Holder's Justice Department refuses to protect the integrity of the election process, the states must step in and fulfill that responsibility.  American Thinker interviewed experts to get their opinion on how to make sure voters are not disenfranchised. Throughout the U.S., there have been numerous incidents of voter fraud.  In Troy, New York, a local 2009 election was "thrown" when numerous signatures were forged on absentee ballots.  This past January, Project Veritas reporters attempted to vote in New Hampshire by giving the names of deceased registered voters.  Voter registration fraud is becoming a common practice.  ACORN employees were convicted...(Read Full Article)