Unions and Government: A Suicide Pact for Everyone

The U.S. Department of Labor and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) are taking action to make it easier for union bosses to force non-union plants to organize.  This flies in the face of economic reality, although it does fit nicely with Obama's ideology and his re-election campaign strategy. International trade is a fact of life, and as much as the unions hate the fact, they are forced to compete with workers in other nations.  Those foreign workers are willing to work at wage rates far below what the unions view as "fair" (which in their case translates to "wages higher than non-union workers").  The unions' drive to organize more and more workers, and thereby artificially force wage levels upward, does nothing but put a brake on domestic economic growth and retard job-creation -- and without those jobs, ultimately, overall domestic incomes will be reduced.  In addition, when overall jobs are lost, those remaining to be filled tend to pay lower...(Read Full Article)