Two Bad Days for the GOP

The Democrats and the Obama re-election machine have sat by and watched the Republican Follies over the past 48 hours, and by doing nothing they have gathered manna from heaven for the upcoming campaign. First, Gingrich is carpet-bombed in Florida, reacts petulantly is taken off his game and forgets what won South Carolina for him as pointed out by C. Edmund Wright at the American Thinker.   Now he is all but written off by the Establishment and the mainstream media.  Then Romney is seized by foot-in-mouth disease.   By claiming he doesn't care about the really poor and would fix any holes in the safety-net he has reinforced the image of a greedy Wall Street banker out to make money at any cost.   It is obvious that he did not mean to say he cared nothing for the poor as he repeated twice that he would fix any holes in the social safety net.  Yet this is another in the line of dumb statements he has made that reinforces the idle rich...(Read Full Article)