The Wrath of the Abortion Movement Unleashed on Komen

If you are confused about what is actually happening with the decision of the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure Foundation to change its grant criteria, you are not alone.  The vicious fury of pro-abortion lobby is the real story of the decision of the Komen foundation to detach itself from grants to Planned Parenthood.   So iconic is the status of Planned Parenthood that, in the wake of this decision, numerous abortion supporters decided to punish Komen.  Senator Barbara Boxer said that she was "reminded of the McCarthy era" and ludicrously complained "are they going to the attack the American Lung Association? The YMCA? The YWCA?"  The American Association of University Women cancelled a yearly college student workshop with Komen.  And the Yale School of Public Health is "reviewing" its decision to have Nancy Brinker, the Komen founder, speak at their Commencement.  Abortion zealot New York Mayor Bloomberg offered $250,000  to Planned Parenthood to...(Read Full Article)