The Rising Fever of Despotism

Andrew McCarthy commands a well-deserved respect for his insightful and thought provoking discourse on American conservatism. And Saturday's' NRO column clearly delineates what many conservatives think about the despotic nature of this Administration. The sharply focused conclusion, that tyranny's deadly embrace has ensnared our nation, should set painfully on the shoulders of all Americans. Here are the opening and ending paragraphs: The thing to understand about the Department of Health and Human Services' birth-control mandate, and the last, is that it is an assault on both faithful Christians and the Constitution by leftists who consider themselves at "war" -- their word -- with bourgeois America. It has nothing to do with guaranteeing access to contraceptives, sterilization, and abortifacients. [...] There would not be a United States without the Bill of Rights -- absent the understanding that a Bill of Rights would soon be added, the states would not have ratified the...(Read Full Article)