The President at the Prayer Breakfast

President Obama, whose church attendance during the three years of his presidency has been as notable for its paucity as his visits to the golf course have been notable for their frequency, showed up -- as he proudly pointed out, for the third time -- at the National Prayer Breakfast to talk about the importance of his faith in his governing, politics, and policy-making.  Coming from a president whose administration, from one end to the other, has worked consistently to limit religious freedom in this country, demonize Christian believers, and remove religion from the public square, the speech was a masterpiece of manipulation and demagoguery.  He had the gall to come to the prayer breakfast to proclaim that "we can't leave our values at the door" after ripping up the "conscience clauses" so that people of faith and personal religious convictions must pay for abortions as part of ObamaCare and all employers must provide abortifacients to their employees under the new HHS...(Read Full Article)