The Poison in Our Polity

Forgive me as I borrow that insipidly unoriginal question that journalists ask athletes after a championship game -- "How do you feel?" -- as I ask you: how would you feel if you knew that your neighbors were going to enter your house while you had been out and take some of your valuables? It's an unsettling thought, isn't it?  The vast majority of us -- Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative -- would feel that our rights had been violated.  What rights?  Our property rights, obviously. If such behavior were common, would there be social harmony?  If we regarded our neighbors as predators, wouldn't good will and friendship give way to distrust, resentment, and anger?  It would be ugly. Now observe our polity today -- the vitriolic tone of our political discourse and the seething passions that stir up such distrust, resentment, and anger (yes, even hatred) during election years.  The primary reason for today's widespread political rancor and...(Read Full Article)