The Myth and Danger of Non-Interventionism

When it comes to analyzing non-interventionism, it's helpful to identify the two extremes of the spectrum of debate.  On one hand, the United States could mind its own business, withdraw its troops entirely from military bases worldwide, cash in the savings, and live prosperously as America once did in its infant years.  On the other hand, the U.S. can continue the advancement of freedom and democracy through its imperialistic ideals, spend money into oblivion, and dominate the world in a fashion indicative of a hegemony.  The friction between these two paradigms has been present for many years, and more so recently in light of the U.S.'s economic situation. Simply put, the first approach of returning to a period of isolationism is not an option for the United States, and no reasonable person should argue for it.  Yet non-interference is a proposed and advocated position that draws upon the history of prosperity in the U.S. when it adhered to the founding fathers'...(Read Full Article)