The Media's Brokered Convention Hypocrisy

During the current lull in actual voting contests in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, there has been little doubt about that the most prominent narrative point (non-Satan division) in the media has been related to the prospects of a "brokered convention." If you Google "Republican Party Brokered Convention," over 6,000 recent articles come up under "news."  Interestingly, the top three which showed up on my browser were all decidedly negative about the potential impact of such a convention on the GOP. Even though less than 10 percent of the delegates to the convention have been chosen and historically the chances of no candidate receiving a majority of the votes needed to earn the nomination are exceedingly slim, this subject has also dominated the cable news coverage of the campaign ever since Rick Santorum's shocking win in Colorado. To political junkies, this should not be a surprise.  After all, ever since conventions became largely irrelevant in the...(Read Full Article)