The Left's Hatred of Religion

This HHS controversy has me thinking that our fundamental right of religious liberty has suffered a drastic deflation in value from 1791 until now.  For that matter, how could it be otherwise in a nation where so many Americans despise religion?  Examine the rationalizations of commentators defending the Obama faux-compromise on the HHS mandate and you'll see what I mean.   Joan Walsh at Salon writes that she was raised Catholic, but has since turned into "a secular feminist liberal Democrat."   Last Friday evening, when Obama's supporters were still clinging to their belief that his announcement of a compromise would steal all the wind out of the bishops' sails, she asked this: Why did we spend 10 days listening to prominent Catholics, including even some liberals and Democrats, insist that the White House had overreached and trampled on "religious freedom" - in this case, the "freedom" of the Catholic hierarchy to impose rules that even most Catholics...(Read Full Article)