The Iranian Plan to Annihilate the Jews

(See also in AT today: Reza Kahlili and the Truth About Iran) For many years, I have tried to raise awareness not only of the threat posed by the fanatics ruling Iran, but also of the injustices done to the Iranian people.  This has drawn the ire of the mullah-appeasers and those in alliance with the criminal Islamic regime in Iran. Recently, I revealed a shocking piece, "Ayatollah: Kill All Jews, Annihilate Israel," in which a well-known strategist within the Iranian government introduced a new doctrine not only to destroy Israel in a preemptive attack, but also to commit to genocide and kill the Jewish people.  The piece got international attention and made headlines across the world. The facts in my piece were an exact copy of the original piece, which was published in Iran.  I even left a link to the Iranian piece that interestingly was not only written in Farsi, but also translated into English.  I wanted to make sure that the world could see that my piece was...(Read Full Article)