The Great Election Undercurrent

In a surprise Colorado upset leading to a 3-state victory Tuesday night, Rick Santorum finally won his place in both the Republican primary and national limelight.  Did he win because he best exemplified a "conservative," because people simply couldn't warm up to Mitt, or, did his social/moral values, coupled with an outgoing, stay-positive campaign, strike a chord with the voters, who decided to send a message in light of the latest ObamaCare brouhaha?  The Romney heat lamp and the media strobe light have yet to fully shine upon Santorum, therefore, it's wait and see if he'll be able to carry his caucus victories into the large state primaries, attracting the money and resources necessary to win. However, my takeaway from the Santorum win is twofold.  The negativity and savagery of the Republican primary has been unequaled in past pre-election cycles.  The fight between Gingrich and Romney has become self-defeating and personal, with Santorum the resultant...(Read Full Article)