The government wants you to win a free house!

I caught my wife on the computer this past week.  She was entering a contest sponsored by the HGTV network.  Apparently, they have a grand prize drawing coming up next month that someone will win -- the prize being a $2-million package which includes a house, an SUV, and $500,000 in cash.  "Great," I told her, "but how are you going to pay for it if you win?" This comment drew an insulting look of incredulity.  "What are you talking about?  They give you the house and a half a million dollars.  You don't have to pay for it." "Really?" I asked.  "Why don't we sit down, and I'll reveal to you just how Uncle Sam plans to participate in your great fortune if you happen to win this prize package?"  Reluctantly, with a heavy sigh, she agreed to watch my presentation, her look now changing to scorn. "Let's assume that the package valuation as given by the sponsor is $2 million."  I began to put the numbers on paper.  "Uncle Sugar is going to...(Read Full Article)