The Contraception Commandment And The Progressive Religion

With the notice that religious organizations will be required to pay for birth control, President Obama's most recent Commandment (capitalization is intentional) gave renewed notice that personal and religious freedom are no longer an important issue to him, nor should they be for the rest of America. Let's be clear: despite left-wing organizations and pundits proliferating volumes of statistics describing how the majority of Catholic women use birth control or why their definition of "women's health" is more important than religious doctrine, the real issue is the invasion of previously protected religious rights -- rights guaranteed by our Constitution -- and what is behind this invasion. Understand that I am agnostic, and I lean towards being pro-choice on abortion issues.  I also lean towards favoring gays on marriage and other social issues.  And I am definitely of the opinion that the government spends way too much.  Furthermore, one of the few things I believe...(Read Full Article)