Thank you, sir! May I have another?

Every time I open up the Internet I feel my blood pressure rise. News of the latest catastrophic Obama pronouncement, failure of the GOP to produce a strong, viable candidate who can win in November, and distortion of the truly horrific state of the U.S. economy and world affairs by the media and this administration is inescapable to those of us who wish to remain engaged and informed. Ignorance is bliss -- especially in D.C. with the partying going on at the OWS camps as well as in the White House, with every excuse the Obamas garner to spend taxpayer dollars wining and dining Hollywood liberal elites (who prefer the politics of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez to Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush). But for those of us who wish to understand the true state of affairs and what our children will be dealing with down the road, that sense of anxiety that I wake up to every morning is inescapable with our abysmal president running the show. Every day that I continue to read about how horrible...(Read Full Article)