Tea Party Not Monolithic

Much has been written during this election cycle about the Tea Party movement and its support of candidates during the Republican primaries.  Now, after a caucus and three primaries, about all we can say for certain about people who support the Tea Party movement is that they are as diverse in their support and opinions as is much of the Republican Party. During the 2010 election cycle, we saw a tsunami that delivered the House of Representatives to the Republican Party.  The Tea Party movement certainly had a great deal to do with that result through the energy and the activism that resulted from the 2009 protests, town halls, and of course the 9/12 march on D.C.  However, according to a detailed analysis of the results by Pew Research, it was the independents who delivered the decisive win to the Republicans. The research narrative by Pew pointed this fact out: The proportion of self-described conservative voters increased by nearly a third from 2006 -- from...(Read Full Article)