Taking Socialism Seriously

In a master/slave world there is no right or wrong.  There are the strong and the weak (the rich and the poor). Socialism sees the world through the prism of master/slave.  From this vantage point "truth" is synonymous with "power."  Socialists claim to be able to use that power, by making the state the locus of authority, to bring about justice and peace.  To borrow a phrase appropriate to the occasion, let's descend to this "low but solid ground" and take socialism seriously.  There is a way, using the master/slave logic of the left, to distinguish legitimate from illegitimate political power. These two positions are the pillars of leftist thinking: (1) an "objective" or fair government, and (2) justice through full equality. The second pillar (justice) can be split into a complimentary pair of concepts: 2a) Equality before the law, and 2b) (approximate) economic equivalence.  If a leftist thinking person is sincere in his or her support of these aims,...(Read Full Article)