Sins of the (Grand)Fathers

In an interview on the Spanish-speaking cable network Univision, Mitt Romney good-naturedly declined to label himself a "Mexican-American" on the grounds that, although his father, George Romney, had indeed been born in Mexico, Mitt's grandparents were American citizens who were living in a Mormon colony in Mexico at the time of his father's birth. But Mitt would probably prefer not to dwell too much on what the late Paul Harvey would call "the rest of the story." From the Boston Globe: The reason that George [Romney] was born in Mexico is that his grandfather -- Mitt's great-grandfather -- had taken refuge there in order to escape US laws against polygamy. It was this family patriarch, Miles Park Romney, who established the colony and lived there with four wives. Mitt Romney has decried the practice of polygamy, which mainstream Mormons no longer practice.  Still, one can almost hear Newt Gingrich shouting, "Hey, I've had three wives, but not at the same time!" Now, of course...(Read Full Article)