Santorum the 'Good Son'? Not So Much.

Much like the good son in the biblical parable, thin-skinned Rick Santorum has shown a fair amount of open resentment over the embrace conservatives have given prodigal Newt Gingrich upon the latter's return to the conservative scene. And I guess it's understandable.  Human history is full of examples of the good kids resenting the more talented or cooler bad boys who seem to get away with breaking the rules.  What's funny is that across the internet, it seems like Santorum's supporters are also largely the unhappy good kids, while many of Newt's supporters come across as the happy bad kids, just like Newt himself.  (The Newt-Mitt dynamic is something altogether different, of course.) There is one problem with this delicious analogy however.  I submit that while it is attitudinally on the money, it actually has flaws at the very foundation.  Upon further review, the only trait that Santorum has of being the good son is his resentment, while he falls...(Read Full Article)