Road to Road Island

This week the White House website announced that the Vice President was traveling to "Road Island," an error typical of the many risible illiteracies that regularly appear there, and of the inattention to detail that is the hallmark of the credentialed moronacracy that is this Administration. Biden's trip to the Ocean State  was to announce that Governor Linc Chafee was going to be one of the almost three dozen co-chairs of the Obama Campaign. Surely you remember Linc. He's the fellow the NRSC (National Republican Senate Committee) gave money to in connection with his failed bid at re-election as Senator. He was ranked No. 1 RINO by Human Events at the time and he was not even bound to support President Bush's judicial nominees in exchange for the Committee's considerable support. Others on the Obama campaign committee include actress Eva Longoria whose strategic input will I'm sure be invaluable -- though I doubt any suggestion by her that the Committee be renamed "Desperate...(Read Full Article)