Psychological Warfare Must Precede Strike on Iran

Sun Tzu wrote 2,500 years ago that war is of vital interest to the state, and a matter of life and death.  Colonel Paul Linebarger's Psychological Warfare says the same of his science: "Yet success, though incalculable, can be overwhelming; and failure, though undetectable, can be mortal."  Most of the West does not understand this science, and Israel is particularly deficient in its study. Any attack on Iran's nuclear program will, in the absence of preparatory psychological warfare, unite the Iranian people against the attacker.  Germans who had no use for Hitler and Nazism nonetheless fought harder when Allied troops entered Germany itself, and Russians who feared or despised Stalin took up arms against German invaders.  Iran's government is obviously relying on its people to react similarly to any Western effort to derail Iran's nuclear program, and may in fact want to provoke an attack to divert the minds of Iranians from their government's numerous...(Read Full Article)