President Obama's Theology: Is It Phony?

President Obama frequently professes his Christian faith and argues confidently that his policies are rooted in biblical truths.  So when his administration issued a mandate requiring Catholic institutions to provide contraception and abortion-inducing pills to their employees, conservatives demanded an explanation.  Why would someone who professes faith in God try to force Catholics to obey government over God (as they believe God to have spoken on the issue)? Former Senator Rick Santorum, while not challenging Obama's profession of personal faith in Christ, has branded Obama's public-policy-theology as unbiblical and even "phony."  Is this a cynical effort by Santorum to stoke anger among his conservative Christian base?  Or is Obama indeed using Christian language improperly to justify liberal government policies?   Love Thy Neighbor Fortunately, we do not have to guess at Obama's theological views.  At the National Prayer Breakfast on February...(Read Full Article)