President Clinton on the Future of the Democrats and America

Not only Republicans and independents, but also Democrats especially should pay attention to what Bill Clinton says in his recently published book (Back to Work, 2011), timed to affect the sentiments of American voters as we approach November 2012. While tipping the hat to some of Barack Obama's policies, this is not an apology for President Obama's presidency, nor is it a subtle push for Hillary's advancement to the Oval Office. The book represents not only President Clinton's own views.  During the writing and editing, he sought critical opinions from prominent members of the Democrat establishment (beyond Hillary and Chelsea), including Bob Barnett, his lawyer; Doug Band; Oscar Flores; Rolando Gonzalez-Bunster; Bruce Lindsey; Terry McAuliffe; John Podesta; Matt McKenna; and Mark Weiner.  He thanks Justin Cooper for research and collation of data, though the book is clearly Clinton's. President Clinton does not get bogged down in the paralysis of analysis....(Read Full Article)