OK Rush: You Own Santorum Surge

A strong case could be made that Rick Santorum owes much of the credit for his recent surge to Rush Limbaugh -- whether Rush wants that credit or not.  Events of this past week seem to indicate that Senator Santorum would concur.  In the past few days his campaign has wisely exploited some of Rush's words and they are proudly featuring them everywhere.  The implication -- if not the explicit language -- is that Rush prefers Santorum to either Newt or Mitt.  And beyond doubt, there are a couple of show segments which could fairly be interpreted just that way.  And it may be true for all I know. Which begs the question, if Rush is not endorsing Santorum, will he sit by and allow Santorum to use snippets of his show to lend that impression?  It also begs the question about how thoroughly Rush has checked Santorum out -- given the unusual disparity between the reality of Santorum and what Rush has said about the former Senator. I submit that upon further...(Read Full Article)