Obama on Energy: An Exercise in Nuance

Once upon a time, Al Gore invented the internet.  Now, it seems, Barack Obama is the one who invented hydraulic fracking. To be specific, President Obama is channeling our old VP by taking credit for things he did not invent or create.  What's worse, though, is that Obama has let his claims affect his energy policies. For example, Obama's "Green Energy" policies are based on the global warming hoax.  His decision to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline project pleased environmentalists, but at the cost of 20,000 jobs.  And "global warming" is Obama's scare tactic.  During his State of the Union (SOTU) address on January 24, 2012, Obama applauded his administration for increases in oil and natural gas production in the U.S.  He also claimed that the federal government, under his watch, invented hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. To wit: at the 27:13 mark of the SOTU, Obama said, "And by the way, it was public research dollars, over the course of 30...(Read Full Article)