Newt Struck Gold, Promptly Abandoned Mine

In South Carolina, Newt Gingrich correctly attributed his success to the fact that he had simply "articulated the deepest felt values of the American people."  Then the former speaker promptly went to Florida and abandoned that in favor of the most deeply felt values of Beltway consultants -- a childish food fight with Mitt Romney.  Bad idea. Thus, with gravy stains on his tie and mashed potatoes in his hair, Newt Gingrich will limp away from Florida with less chance of becoming the nominee, let alone president.  He may not finish even as runner-up (or even Miss Congeniality), a position he had seemingly wrapped up by always being the one insisting that "any of the eight (or seven or six or five or four) of us" is far preferable to Barack Obama, etc.  That notion actually is one of our "most deeply felt values."  Voters are craving two things this cycle.  First is a vision for defeating Barack Obama, and second is a vision for rolling back the red...(Read Full Article)