Nero Fiddled but Kennedy Partied

Presidential mistress (while a teenager) Mimi Alford claims that the president who remains the most popular in modern U.S. history offered her amyl nitrate poppers during a nude swimming party at the Palm Springs estate of Bing Crosby, the most popular entertainer of America's Norman  Rockwell era.  The party took place around "White" Christmas of 1962. "The shouts and shrieks of the partygoers," writes Seymour Hersh in his earlier (but corroborating book) The Dark Side of Camelot, "had the California State policemen guarding the estate that night assuming the sounds were actually the nighttime calls of coyotes."  But as the whoops and shrieks got louder, the alarmed state troopers finally called Kennedy's Secret Service agents, Joe Paolella and Larry Newman, to ask if some coyotes were bothering the president.  The agents, long accustomed to averting their gaze during these frequent episodes, finally went around back and investigated: "[Kennedy's top aide] Dave...(Read Full Article)