Mitt's Scorched Earth Win

While Mitt Romney may have taken a step closer to the nomination Tuesday in Florida, the scorched earth he leaves behind tells me he took a few steps further away from the White House -- and what's more, he knows it. No man who really thinks he has a chance at occupying the Oval Office would ever find it necessary to use 99 per cent -- yes, that's right, 99 per cent -- of his own massive advertising budget to tear down his chief opponent. I'm not talking about Super PAC ads and I'm not even factoring in the mega bucks worth of anti Gingrich publicity provided by the establishment media.  No, I am talking only about the rich Romney Campaign advertising budget for Florida.  You know, the "I'm Mitt Romney and I approved this message" budget.  And you read the figures right.  Ninety nine pennies out of every ad dollar these folks spent was invested in the destruction of Newt Gingrich.  With so little to brag about apparently, one penny per buck was used in a...(Read Full Article)