Liberals Forced to Bare Their Teeth

Liberals were a sorry spectacle this month, when they were forced to bare their teeth on the Planned Parenthood/Komen caper.  A real hegemonic ruling class at the peak of its power doesn't need to make threats.  Its natives don't even think about getting restless. That, after all, is why liberals invented political correctness.  Every American pretends to sneer at political correctness, but every American knows better than to say anything politically incorrect, else he'll find the local liberal enforcer paying a visit, and everyone in America knows what the PC enforcer can do to you.  She can brand you with the liberal mark of Cain -- racist, sexist, homophobe -- and that could pitch you out of college or out of a job.  Political correctness, or Chicago politics, or any other protection racket works best when Mr. Big never has to send the thugs around to make explicit the crude intimidation of "nice little column you got there..." But once the Raj's local...(Read Full Article)