Let's Stop Obama-ing Apart

Just a quick word here to Mitt Romney: would you please take a week out from campaigning, get together with your messaging people, and all read Charles Murray's Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 together?  The book contains just about everything anyone needs to communicate a practical conservative vision to America and beat the pants off Barack Obama. And Coming Apart shows, if anything can, how Barack Obama is a poster boy for everything that's wrong with America  --  everything that got it started Obam-ing apart. About a century ago and more, the educated elite decided that America needed to be governed by people like them: clever, educated, creative, and expert.  Progressives, they called themselves.  The rest of America wasn't so smart, so it needed to be supervised by this educated elite.  The result, a century later, is that life is great for the educated top 20 percent, liberal and conservative  --  living ordered,...(Read Full Article)