Komen Disgraces Its Own Cause

Call it Planned Parenthood's war on choice.  In less time than it takes to scald a child to death with a saline injection into the womb, the rabid pro-abortion lobby descended like vultures upon the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation.  The Komen crime?  They dared exercise their right to choose when it came to who would receive their donations and funding. The relationship between Komen and the abortion mill has always been baffling on several levels.  Komen was started to find ways to save the sick and suffering.  Planned Parenthood began as an organization based upon the Margaret Sanger lie of eugenics, which taught that weaker beings should be exterminated.  Komen exists upon the fundamental concept that all life is valuable.  Planned Parenthood exists upon the fundamental deceit that only "wanted" or "convenient" life is worthy of protection.  Komen's answer to social problems is to strive to find ways to support the living. ...(Read Full Article)