It's the Leadership, Stupid

The recent anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth brought home why so many have been discouraged by the Republican primaries.  We remembered that while Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, have been scrambling to, as the current usage goes, "show leadership" -- with 157-point economic plans, visions of Moon colonies, and mostly documenting what bums the other guys are -- Ronald Reagan never sought to "show" any such thing.  Instead, even as a candidate, Reagan led, and it is the sober recognition of the extraordinary effectiveness of his leadership, and not some gauzy-focus nostalgia that makes him stand, even now, a head taller than his would-be successors. Reagan led not through "sticking to the issues," as the head-shaking Republican political gurus are urging the squabbling contenders to do.  He led by speaking simultaneously to our hearts and our heads.  Reagan invoked, explained, and demonstrated the practical application of time-tested truths about economic...(Read Full Article)