Israeli Deterrence and Dolphins

Last week, Germany agreed to sell Israel a sixth Dolphin-class submarine.  Israel already has three of these capable submarines in service.  Two others were either quietly delivered last year, or soon will be -- sources differ.  While the Dolphins have numerous conventional military applications, in reality, Israel appears to be in the process of creating the world's first nuclear counter-strike force based on small, conventionally powered submarines armed with long range-cruise missiles.  While Israel has never officially admitted to possessing nuclear weapons and seems inclined to maintain its long-held posture of nuclear ambiguity, there is little doubt that she does indeed posses nuclear weapons and most likely has had weapon assembly capabilities since at least the late 1960s. Iran has clearly emerged as Israel's chief regional antagonist.  Iran's single-minded drive to acquire nuclear weapons -- and its threats to use them once deployed -- arguably...(Read Full Article)