Is Michelle Obama America's Agent Provocateur?

If the rumors are true -- and despite "angry denials" by the White House, it's finally public knowledge -- then when hanging around the presidential living quarters, Michelle Obama does not wear ripped sweatpants and an old "Yes We Can" Obama 2008 T-shirt.  Recently, we've come to find out that last year, while hubby was out preaching the gospel of fairness, wifey may have been busy acquiring a few "must-have" items from Hollywood-style British retail lingerie shop Agent Provocateur. Ironically, a provocateur is someone who "provokes trouble, causes dissension or the like; an agitator."  Whether the fancy underwear story is true or not, either way, Mrs. Obama is indeed an agent provocateur.  And, based on her continued dedication to extravagant self-indulgence, spending oodles of dollars on thongs doesn't seem far-fetched. Let's remember: Michelle Obama pays absolutely no mind to public indignation over things like wearing a $2,000 sundress to church.  Now we find...(Read Full Article)