How Obama Betrayed His Constituents, and Why They Won't Care

Sometimes, when a governing body betrays its indoctrinated masses, the betrayal is easily spun to be for their benefit. We witness a stark allegorical example of this in George Orwell's Animal Farm.  In the novel, the ruling class of pigs comes to gain the animals' favor by vilifying the farmer, who, like the other humans he associates with, is the embodiment of gluttony and greed, eating the fruits of the farm animals' labor, trading away what he cannot eat, and living in his opulent farmhouse paid for by those profits. Being thoroughly convinced of the truth in these claims, the animals are shocked to find in Chapter 6 that the pigs, now in administrative control, have begun to interact and trade with those same humans, a crime that had once been unpardonable. To justify the course of action domestically, the pigs claim refuge in the "greater good," saying that all profits will go to continue building the farm's windmill -- the construction of which had proven troublesome and...(Read Full Article)