Hesitatingly, Disappointedly, and Agonizingly...for Mitt

Conservatives were greatly encouraged by the results of the 2010 national elections.  Furthermore, they were excited about the Republicans completing the sweep in 2012 by taking the Senate and the White House.  The chance to not only defeat the current crop of ultra-liberal Democrats leading those two institutions, but to finally reverse a century-long slide into statism, socialism, and amoral secularism -- that worthy goal seemed within reach. Therefore, intense interest arose among conservatives in the Republican presidential nomination process that began last summer.  It was disappointing when those most qualified to lead the envisioned counter-revolution chose not to participate.  Jim DeMint, Mike Pence, John Bolton, and Paul Ryan were among them.  But there still appeared to be highly qualified individuals who might be capable of leading a restoration of America back to its founding principles of individual liberty, free markets, limited government, and...(Read Full Article)