Does Israel Have to Defend the West?

The grotesque foreign policy of the Obama administration has now achieved its pinnacle of battiness. After three and a half years of bowing low to Dark Ages tyrants and shafting our democratic friends, with Iranian nukes well on the way -- so close that even the CIA is willing to see the obvious -- the Deep Thinkers of Foggy Bottom are now worried sick that Israel might attack Iran. Let's see. Israel has 7 million people who yearn for peace, because their lives are reasonably good, other than having to live with blood-thirsty maniacs surrounding the country with an estimated 100,000 missiles of various sizes. Iran has 70 million people who have been brainwashed by the ugly regime of medieval throwbacks to chant Death to America! Death to Israel! every single day. These nice people will soon have nukes, thanks to the suicidal policies of Democrats from Jimmy to Barry. Got it so far? OK. Seven against seventy million is fair odds by Middle East standards. Now, the Iranian regime is a...(Read Full Article)